The 10 things you should know about Italy

Many people still do not have some clear knowledge about Italy. Even if Italy is famous but surely there are things that non-native there do not know about. Many differences in culture and traditions exist in every country and Italy is not an exception. It is not surprising therefore to see some things that vary from other countries that Italians do and believes. But there is one thing that is sure and that is Italians are proud to be an Italian.

Then let us clear up some of the misunderstandings about Italy by using the information provided in the video above. The first thing is about the food of Italy. They do love pasta that can be cooked in different and elegant styles. They also love wine and you can try many flavors of it. They want to pair wines while eating so you can find a good appetite when you are in Italy. As almost all restaurants offer them then you do not need to worry. Visit here with your visa with you from this travel tours, more hints 泰雅旅遊. You can even visit some of the wineries that can be found here.

If you want a tour you can also schedule it. Watch the whole video and you will have much knowledge about Italy. You can also want to click over here 卡式台胞證 申請 to be able to learn about other food that is cooked outside the braise or other appetizing food styles that you might want to try.