The Italian Greyhound Breed

Another breed of dogs to feature, the Italian Greyhound! Italian Greyhound dogs are breed for hunting like for hunting rabbits. Unlike their other racing Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds are smaller version. When they are already able to run, they can run as fast as 35 miles per hour. This is when they are fully grown.

Italian Greyhound dogs like to be outside. They cannot endure to just stay in the apartment or house all day long without getting out. So as an owner, you need to motivate them by at least having an exercise with them outside. They also like spaces to run. Even if there are no open spaces, they like to run that they are not going to be hurt. Just to run around a circle is already enough exercise for them.



These dogs are loving and lovable. They like to be with you all the time and they are actually loyal to one person. You are lucky to be that person. You have a best friend that is loyal to you.

Furthermore, Italian greyhound’s life span is up to 15. While they are still puppies, you need to watch their legs because their bones are so sensitive that there is a possibility it will be broken when they jump. But aside from that, there are no other health concerns to these dogs. So there is no worry to take them as your pets and look after them.

To avoid having the smell of a dog which is so smelly, you need to take them bath daily. Be sure to clean their ears and get nails cut done. One thing more that is good when it comes to Greyhound dogs is that they do not lose hair so it is really good enough to look after them.